Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yes! Eric's Grandma is still around

Sorry to be gone so long, and barely before I started this blog.  Typical of me.

I've been so busy.  Keeping an eye on my little guy for Nikki, getting ready for a trip across the country, taking that trip across the country.  Birthdays, and other end of the summer events.  Excuses, excuses right? 

Is it ok if I just start off from here instead of filling you all in?  No huh?  Ok -- just a summary?

Eric started school - did not do well at first so butterflies  intensified, helpless feelings intensified. 

Then, he started to do very well, with minimal problems and we started to relax. 

Nikki - worrying that the school is not the right place.  Eric needs someone who will make him learn.  Will make him come out of his comfort zone.  Only when he gets pissed off and angry does he learn.  Weird, I know.  But it's almost like he's saying "See, I can do it - now will you leave me to my world" ---   We need to bring him to this world.  Nik feels this school is just maintaining (aka babysitting).

Major shakeup event with Eric at school.  There is no way I can talk about this right now.  I'm still too angry.  Maybe someday.  But lets just say we are looking into other schools for Eric.  His Early Intervention Team (who are wonderful) and Nikki and Daniel are hard at work on this.  There are so many procedures and approvals to go through.  Daniel even threatened to move out of the District, just so he wouldn't have to go to that school.

Anyway -- that's just a rough sketch. 

Autism Walk was a great success!  We raised our $1,000. and had a wonderful day. 

Eric had a wonderful 5th birthday party.  The first time he really got into the swing of things and had a blast!

Halloween was fun!  He made the cutest little dragon....and M'Kayla was Little Red Riding Hood (or "Little Red in the Hood" as she says).  We tried to tell her we didn't live in the "Hood"...

One of our neighbors even gave him a toy motorcycle instead of candy....

So that's just a brief summary of some of the events.  Mostly because I'm running out of time to finish.
It's a rainy Thursday in Upstate New York -- I'm looking forwad to going home to my sweats, my comfy chair and my shows tonight.  I don't have Eric till tomorrow night and believe me, I sure could use this evening of rest.  Even husband is going bowling, so I have the house to myself.  Love that!

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  1. Love this way you can reach others and tell your family's story too. I don't blame them one bit for wanting to go to another school. It is worth the trouble to help him get schooling and not "babysitting" and learn to cope with the world that is out there. Got your back Deb.. I am so happy to follow you and your journey.. Hugs