Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wow -- haven't posted since Christmas.  So many things happening.  While I sit and type this, I am surrounded by a HUGE mess of boxes and empty walls.  Haven't  gotten to the curtains yet, but they are on  this evenings agenda.

To make a long story short, we put our house on the market.  Downsizing is the big word around here.  To our complete amazement, it sold within a month ...yes, I know...even with the terrible housing market.  So to say the least, we are up to our ears in moving.  The big day is tomorrow.  We found a smaller house to rent for awhile and a HUGE dumpster took away 16 years of stuff I didn't even know I had, don't remember where it came from and kids old um...junk.  I've cleared out cabinets, closets, cubbyholes, and the canaverous basement.  Yep, downsizing is the word of the day.  Tomorrow, we take whats left and move it to the smaller (but it has a bigger yard than this house) place of residence.  Do I need to tell you that I will be so glad when it's over?

Now, on to the point of this blog.  Eric has blossomed in his new school.  He absolutely loves it and they love him.  We had a wonderful Bowling fundraiser where I got to meet some of the staff.  His excitement at seeing his favorite teacher was overwhelming.  The difference in his behavior upon seeing her was gratifying.  He was starting to get a bit antsy to get started on the bowling, yet it wasn't time.  Waiting around just isn't his forte..  However upon seeing the familiar "school faces" around, you could actually see him calming himself.   That's how it's been lately.  Nikki has learned so very much from the school as well.

I don't want to brag or gush too much about what a wonderful mom she is, but --- oh what the heck, yes I do.  She is firm, yet gentle with him.  Insistent and so patient.  Loving and playful.  To hear the way he laughs when they play is the most joyful thing that I've ever heard.  And Eric?  Well lets just say he loves his mama so very much. 

It's so amazing to me to watch my daughter grow and mature.  Of course it isn't the direction she expected to grow in.  She pictured her life completely different.  But for some reason I can't help but think that this is the right one.  She is attending college now -- she wants to teach and help others on the Spectrum.  Other families and other children.  Regardless of the frustration she still sometimes feels, I can see a confidence and pride in herself. 

Lets see if I can find a few Bowling Benefit pictures and please, do nag at me when I let this blog go for too long.  There is so much more to share than I can do in just one "catch up post"...and Grandma here does want to share and contine to learn from all of you as well.  So...nag away...

Finally Eric's Turn!

I'll listen to Mom...she's a pro!

Dancing my way back to my chair...oh yeah...

My favorite Teacher!

Lets get a picture of us!

And a good time was had by all....Thanks Crossroads!