Thursday, September 9, 2010

Huge Butterflies

I have such butterflies in my stomach this morning.  Got hardly a wink of sleep last night.  Eric starts his first day at a regular Kindergarden today.  Yes, it is Orientation, and his mom will be there.  But you see, my butterflies are for both Eric and my Nikki. 

I know too well her struggles and her worries about this - and no, I cannot feel the whole extent of her pain and worry, cause, well....she is the mom.  But I'm her mom, and Erics Grandma, so I do feel quite alot of it.

I've been sitting here reading the other blogs -- its not just Eric, I feel for all the moms and kids with Special needs.  There are days I'm filled with joy and hope when I read them.  Right now, with school looming (some have already started), I'm afraid. 

There is not much more I can write at the moment.  Time to hit the shower and start my day.  It's been a busy last two weeks, and I've lots to post.  But this is all I have at the moment.  All that fills my head. 

I love you Eric Daniel, and no matter what you find in the world out there, your family adores you.  I love you Nikki, I'm so proud of the mom you are and admire the strength you have.  Eric was sent to you for a reason.  He is special and so are you my love......

Blessings to all the moms out there who need them now. 


  1. Good luck and have fun Eric!!! I'm sure he will love kindergarten and he has an amazing support system behind him. And good luck to Nikki, her baby is starting school!! She must feel sad and happy and nervous and worried all at the same time. I will be thinking of you Eric's Grandma today and hoping that your next blog is about how well Eric is doing in Kindergarten!

  2. Just like with my own children, I had a stomach ache for Bells' first day of school, too!