Thursday, November 18, 2010

New School Update

Yeah, I know.  I'm so original with my titles.  NOT!

Do you believe next week is Thanksgiving?  Wow...time is zipping by and I AM NOT READY!  NOT EVEN STARTED!  Ok, we won't go there.  I'm stressed enough already.

As you know, Nikki and Daniel have been looking over new schools for Eric.  I toured two of them with Nikki and we loved both.  But after touring both of them, Nikki really, really liked the second one, Crossroads.  It is a small school for children with Autism.  We both could picture Eric in this school.  They let us view the classrooms and see the teachers interact with the kids.  They were so indepth in their interview and rather than focusing mostly on the school, they wanted to know Eric himself.  And when we talked about Eric, they were able to tell us something about the school that might help. 

The first school, while I liked it as well, was mostly focused on showing us the school.  They mentioned that if we were interested they would like to meet and get to know Eric as well.  I guess I was impressed that the second school was mostly focused on Eric himself right from the get go.


We are so excited because we feel that after his transition into the school he will skyrocket.  We have heard many good things about Crossroads ... how successful they are at helping kids understand and grow.  We know that Eric is capable of so much more -- now we have the help we need to bring him out of his world into ours.  The school encourages parent visits, geared to keeping things consistant for Eric, at school and with his family.  Perfect! 

I went to dinner with Nikki and Eric last night at Ruby Tuesdays.  It's taken first place over 99 Diner as our eating out place because of their awesome salad bar.  He is quite a character.  He kept us smiling and laughing the whole time.  Of course he will be mad at me Friday night when he visits because he didn't get to play at MeMa's last night.  He's good at the cold shoulder and never forgets he's mad at you.  Funny though, as soon as he makes it known hes mad at you, he's not mad anymore. 

So tomorrow night, I will look forward to another night of chaos.  I sure wish he would prefer to sit in the chairs though.  Wonder why he doesn't like chairs?


  1. I'm so glad you guys fell in love with Crossroads! I'm so excited to hear all about Eric's new adventures and how he is thriving there! It must be a big relief. Yay!!!

  2. Good stuff, Deb! I wonder if this school is part of a group as we have one here, too.