Thursday, September 9, 2010

Huge Butterflies

I have such butterflies in my stomach this morning.  Got hardly a wink of sleep last night.  Eric starts his first day at a regular Kindergarden today.  Yes, it is Orientation, and his mom will be there.  But you see, my butterflies are for both Eric and my Nikki. 

I know too well her struggles and her worries about this - and no, I cannot feel the whole extent of her pain and worry, cause, well....she is the mom.  But I'm her mom, and Erics Grandma, so I do feel quite alot of it.

I've been sitting here reading the other blogs -- its not just Eric, I feel for all the moms and kids with Special needs.  There are days I'm filled with joy and hope when I read them.  Right now, with school looming (some have already started), I'm afraid. 

There is not much more I can write at the moment.  Time to hit the shower and start my day.  It's been a busy last two weeks, and I've lots to post.  But this is all I have at the moment.  All that fills my head. 

I love you Eric Daniel, and no matter what you find in the world out there, your family adores you.  I love you Nikki, I'm so proud of the mom you are and admire the strength you have.  Eric was sent to you for a reason.  He is special and so are you my love......

Blessings to all the moms out there who need them now.