Friday, November 5, 2010

Where are the Doctors??

I just watched a series of videos from You-Tube.  Got me thinking --

I'm still new to this -- all this Autism research, and there is so much information to digest.  And honestly -- sometimes some of the things I read are so technical it may take me days before I understand what one article is talking about.  Picking it apart bit, by bit to understand some of those hundred dollar words that are used.  But I keep at it.  There is a key somewhere to our Eric.

One of the things that puzzles me, as Autism beomes more prevelant in our society today, is how few Pediatritions know anything at all about Autism.  When Eric was diagnosed the statistics were 1 in 150 and now, five years later, the statistics are 1 in 100.  What is happening to our children?  And why aren't there more Doctors, especially Pediatritions being trained or educating themselves about the Autism Spectrum.  I have to admit that before Eric was diagnosed, I knew next to nothing about Autism.  But you sure can bet that once he was diagnosed, I was a master researcher as was my daughter Nichole.  There is nothing we would not read or study or try.  It was a challenge...bring our little guy back into our world.  Why don't more doctors feel that way?  Are they not challenged to find answers or learn more?

One the the things this video talks about, is that we need to treat Autism as physical as well as neurological.  I am so much in agreement.  There are tests that can be done to make sure the child does not suffer from any physical problems that may be happening -- that also may be affecting his Autsim treatment.  How can the treatment be effective if the child is in pain that we don't know about?  The video tells us of some things we can do to find out.  Why then, didn't any of Eric's doctors suggest any of these things?

How do we know when Eric has an ear infection?  We can never be sure, but we look for the usual signs that he may be in pain, such as pulling on his ear, a fever.  He cannot tell us, so you can imagine that there have been a few trips to the Doctor for false alarms.  But so what...we want to be sure.  How do we know what else he may be feeling if he cannot tell us?  Where are the doctors to help us figure this out?  I'm sure that there are some out there -- very few.  None that I am aware of in the Capital District area where I live though.  Not even one that I can find.  Come on, make me a liar.  I would love it.  Not one DAN doctor in a medically advanced city such as Albany N.Y.

Anyway, this is a great video.  It came from a website I visit called "Yes, I am Autistic, And proud of it! :)" that I have on my Facebook.  She posts the best articles -- and yes, she is Autistic.

Gotta run, it's almost time to head home and I have a few things to finish.  Have my little guy tonight.  YAY!

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  1. When we took mom to the ER several times .. NONE of the doctors knew much really about the rules in dialysis patients either. SO what exactly DO they KNOW? Sheesh.. I sure hope things progress and people are more aware of how it is to deal with handicaps.

  2. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be an advocate for Eric and have "professionals" not understand how to help. I'm certain though that if anyone can create change and make doctors aware it's you!

    By the way, I was so excited to see that you had posted! I have to post, but I have been just so exhausted lately! I'm looking forward to having some energy soon!

  3. You are so right, Deb. Bells' dr. didn't have a clue.