Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lady Clariol you are no match for Eric

More grey has been added to my head.  I came from the kitchen into the dining room  yesterday to find Eric standing on the dining room table, reaching for the chain that controls the ceiling fan and light.  Not that he was really in any danger - honestly, the table is sturdy and he was right in the middle.  And believe me some of his other daredevil maneuvers have been much more hair raising than that one.  It was just a shock I guess, as he has never attempted to stand on the dining room table before. 

The chairs, yep...all the time, to see how high he can jump off them (very high)...almost higher than he can jump off the 4th step going upstairs.  He can also run really fast...and much to my relief he can stop on a dime before he hits the walls.  sigh.......He's mastered piling things up to climb up to where he wants to get something.  I don't know what he was aiming for yesterday by piling his kid size Adirondak chair, onto his table in his room and trying to add the laundry basket upside down.  There isn't anything up that high -- and he must have figured that out because he stopped trying after the laundry basket kept falling off the arm of the chair that was on the table.  Good grief...

Anyway, I found myself wondering how he connected that the fan and light are controlled by those chains - they are rarely used (and I yes, I noticed the dust that gives that little fact away).  We have a switch on the wall that can dim the lights and control the speed of the fan.  He has mastered that, and we don't even have to lift him up to do it anymore.  I don't believe he  has seen anyone use the chains -- we really never do.  He is so darn smart.  He made sure I wasn't looking.

Yesterday was his mommy's birthday and we had cake waiting when she came to pick him up.  Eric loves the "Happy Birthday" song and we clap when we sing it cause he loves that too. 

Happy Birthday Mom
Clap Pop-Pop
This is so fun!
Love you little guy!


  1. I am not excited for the days when Evie can climb and get into things. My day surely are numbered though!!! She has already gotten her first boo-boo and Ryan and I felt so horrorified and guilty! Her highchair is right next to our island and we put her highchair toys on the island while we get her into and out of the highchair... well, we put her in and as we reached for her toys she lunged for them and smashed her head on the counter. She screamed... poor girl! And I have a few greys that Ryan loves to point out!

    Eric is just such a cutie! His smile and big eyes... what a handsome little man! He must be able to get out of lots of trouble with that big grin of his!!! I hope Nikki had a wonderful birthday! It looked like a fun afternoon!!! Yay!!!

  2. I know it's strange, but we do have a desert! I had never been, but we had so much fun!!!

    I think I just take so many pictures she's used to the camera!!! :) She is posing with my Mom and I'm so glad I got that picture... it's such a cute one of them. I think it has Christmas gift written all over it!!!

  3. I am excitedly waiting for your post!!!