Friday, August 13, 2010

Traveling to the Boonie's...LOL!

We are going to see my sister and brother-in-law in Newcomb. Waaaay in the boonies. It is a 2 hour ride.

Eric loves to see and do new things. However, he is not so crazy about the ride. Sitting still for such a long while is completely out of character for him. Can you imagine what it was like during the 7 hour ride from NY to Delaware last month? We have learned to make frequent stops when necessary and to keep the gameboy handy (hidden until needed). Here, Eric decided M'Kayla was talking to much. He is such a character. I probably didn't mention that Eric is non-verbal. Although he does say a few words now and then, he has yet to completely learn to communicate by speaking. M'Kayla, however, has no such problem.

It is a bit difficult traveling with Eric, but oh so worth it. He has been known to have melt downs during long drives, and hates when the car stops at all, even just for a red light. Believe me things can get pretty tense. Once in full meltdown there is no alternative but to stop the car till things calm. Not always easy on the highway.

Eric is an extremely picky eater. I guess I'm in charge of bringing Eric's Mac and Cheese, which he will only eat for me in one of my bowls from home. Nik will take care of his waffles and Almond milk... he will eat fruit bars, pizza, grilled cheese, Dorito's, cinnamon toast and chicken nuggets as well. On occasion we can get him to try something different, but it is very rare and he never eats it a second time. We never give up trying to get him to taste new things.
On Sunday's, my nephew Louie and Nichole experiment with receipes and spend the afternoon cooking. Louie has been known to chase Eric around the house with spoonfuls of whatever they are cooking at the time.
As you can see by the picture, Eric just laughs and manages to get away.

Yes, it would be so much easier to avoid traveling and therefore avoid the headaches, heartaches and frustrations that it brings at times. But think of all the great experiences we would have missed and the memories that wouldn't have been made and the things we wouldn't have learned about Eric (make sure he's eaten and has a full belly before the trip) or even the things that Eric wouldn't have seen or learned (like how much he LOVES the ocean). Traveling with a child with Autism is difficult and yes there are times it is impossible. But we try, and the times we are able to complete the trip, or the adventure are learning experinces to us.

So .......wish us luck this weekend --- we are on our way to Newcomb!


  1. Good luck and have a wonderful trip! Eric is one lucky little boy! He has a family who loves and encourages him. Everyone should have that!!! And it sounds like he has taught you guys a few things about life too!!! Kids are amazing!