Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another weekend hanging out in the boonies.....

I won't have the opportunity to see my little guy this weekend.  He's with his dad while his mom, Nikki and I go to a baby shower.  This is in the boonies too.  A different set of boonies....different direction.  We are headed to Bleeker, where my dads house is on the mountain there.  Yes, a real mountain - and I can only hope my car (with the brand spanking new $870 clutch) will make it up the mountain.  Last weekend's visit to the boonies destroyed it completely.  How they can enjoy living so far from civilization is completely beyond me.

So, have fun with Daddy Eric!  Me-Ma will see  you Tuesday!


  1. Such a beautiful happy family!!!

  2. Thank you!!! As long as I'm holding her Evie sleeps so soundly she couuld care less what I do to her toes. :) Hoped the baby shower was fun... they usually are!!!