Sunday, December 5, 2010

It was a busy day yesterday and a great day with my little guy.  Today will be another busy day.  Pop-Pop is playing with Eric while Nikki and I head out to get some shopping done for a few hours.  Then we will be headed to a Christmas Party sponsored by the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region along with a company called Quick Response Restoration.  Eric will have his picture taken with Santa and get a present.  I'll be trying to get a good shot of him for Nikki's Christmas cards. 

Not much else is happening.  Eric still hasn't gotten into his new school, but it's progressing.  They are busy evaluating him and writinng up a plan for him. I believe Nikki said it will happen somewhere around the 13th.  

So on that note, guess I'll get ready for my day, it'll be a busy one. 

Meanwhile, Eric continues to not really like chairs and is getting soooo smart on the computer. 

Even Balloons are a preferred choice.  LOL!